Why Us?

Our clients benefit from our inside access and knowledge of the American Healthcare System, as well as our ability to negotiate discounted prices on healthcare & medical service. In a time when your health is of utmost concern, we take away the burden and worry from you by connecting you with some of the best surgeons and healthcare systems to meet your healthcare demands.

Our independent Medical Advisory Board (MAB) of highly qualified medical experts from their respective medical disciplines will advise on your needs. Uniquely designed Value Based Services is to cater objectively to your individual needs and cuts down unnecessary costs by minimizing prolonged period of stay away from your home and family. Our client today consist of private medical insurance, individual self paying and senior managers from large corporations, referrals from our partner group of chain clinics and individual agents from our partner affiliation program.


To be the leading medical tourism facilitator and provider of surgical facilitating services.


Commitment to quality healthcare services

Expertise in providing affordable medical solutions

Reliability in service to our clients

Honesty and Integrity guide our actions and decisions

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